Yes, I know, we are all mourning the loss of Being Erica, but that doesn’t mean we still aren’t curious about what actress Erin Karpluk wants for Christmas. Is she like Erica in real life? Would Erica want a “facialicious”? We think she’s just as quirky but you be the judge! Erin Karpluk’s wish list:

1. She doesn’t always travel lightly, so Erin wants a a travel scale (for measuring weight of bags).
They are small/portable ranging from $12-$35. I’ve been that jack ass with open cases shuffling cloths one too many times!  
She may be the only one in Canada who wants this. We found her this cute one (because you need your travel scale to be cute) from Heys. It’s called the xScale and costs $24.97.

2. Another Yoga towel
I’m on a yoga challenge now and find I’m constantly doing laundry with only one. There is a really pretty plush fuschia one at LuLuLemon I’ve had my eye on… think they are around $60?
Here’s a bright pink (not quite fushia) Skidless Towel from Lululemon for $65.

3. Pillow Covers
Trying to furnish my new digs and I need cute pillow covers. My mom and I just went to Bejing and she bought some beautiful silk pillow covers for gifts… I’ve been dropping hints!!
We think these pretty Diane von Furstenberg pillow cases in Floral Batik print would make her happy. They’d make us happy. $100 at The Bay.

4. A Facialicious
My brother gets me the same thing every year and I’m crossing my fingers for it again this year, a “facialicious” facial at Skoah… the best! Canadian company, they have beautiful products and after spending the holidays in Jasper National Park in the Rockies my dry skin needs some love!
The Facialiscious sounds dreamy and costs $120 at Skoah spa. On our wish list is a ticket to Jasper. 

5. Coins
My Dad gets us the same thing every year since we were born, the Canadian Mint coin sets. I’m hoping to pass on the tradition to my children one day.
There are plenty to choose from but naturally we chose the 22 Karat Gold Coin that shows the wedding celebration of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It costs $1199.95. Maybe Erin’s Dad will go for the Cougar Coin at a modest $79.95…we’d wear it as a necklace, actually. 

But what Erin really wanted to share with us is how her family has made a deicision this year to cut back on gifts and instead choose a favourite charity to donate to during the year. Erin chose the BCSPCA. She loves animals. We love her.

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