What does one of Toronto’s top chefs want for the holidays? You might assume a set of expensive steak knives or fancy dinner wear, but that would be incorrect. Chef Cory Vitiello of The Harbord Room (best place for a birthday we think) wants house plants and ski lessons. This indeed proves that good looking chefs are in fact, just like us. And out of all our gift guides, he is the only one who wants something from Fiesta Farms. So easy to please! We like that. Cory’s wish list!

1) Custom made boots.
A pair of hand-made black leather boots from Sydney’s on Queen West.  They are classic year-round wear and I eyeball  them every time I shop there.  Sydneys

2) Cory promises to not kill house plants.
Seriously.  I love my condo, but it seems lifeless at times.  I figure a cluster of house plants in each room should do the trick.  I always enjoy strolling through the Fiesta Farms nursery.

3) Captivating lighting.
Most any piece from Alex Jowett’s 668 Atelier, but I specifically want one of his rope lights.  
$476.80 at 688 Atelier

4) Ski Lessons.  
I love skiing, I’m just miserable at it. Being 6’7 on skis and falling is a horrific site. This is the year I make the move from green to blue hills. Big jump, for me! 
Blue Mountain Ski School should do the trick!

5) All-Clad cookwareHe is a chef after all. 
Any piece, really. If I had to choose one: 10.5 inch d5 series Dutch Oven. I’m trying to eat out less and cook at home on days off from the restaurant. Right now I’m up to cooking about once a month. Hoping that proper cookware acts as the motivator. You can get them at William Sonoma.

We wish Cory a year of homemade meals, lush house plants and easy gliding down snowy slopes.

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