We love, love, love our awesome homegrown talent and local handmade undie line, Fortnight Lingerie, is no exception. Created by Canadian ladies Christina Remenyi and Addie Chown, in their Toronto studio, Fortnight Lingerie garments are soft, sweet and sexy (yay alliterations!) and, most importantly, make us feel like gorgeous pin up girls in all their vintage glamour glory (that’s obviously the most important, right?).

Remenyi and Chown are also huge supporters (pun intended) of Canadian talent (get it? ’cause they make bras). Toronto model Shirleyann Mason has been the face of their brand since 2010 and they’ve also worked with Edmonton musician Josh Eygenraam and Vancouver Island-born photographer Mackenzie Duncan. 

To help kick off the release of Fortnight Lingerie’s 2012 collection, the girls collaborated with both local and international artists to create a video called “Made In Canada”, which showcases a bit of their work and process in the studio. Directed by Toronto/New York-based filmmaker Derrick Belcham and featuring the music of Baltimore-based Jana Hunter, the video is inspired by the classic rock muse and the delicate, structured pieces of their current collection. 

Another important thing about Fortnight Lingerie, besides the way it makes us feel like Marilyn Monroe, is that it notably offers a large selection of bra sizes (30A-38E), as opposed to the range offered by most North American manufacturers, which only covers 30% of all sizes (34-38 A-D). They get that women’s bodies are unique and that we don’t all look like Gisele and the rest of the Angels. Thank you

Remenyi and Chown feel that their ‘Made In Canada’ video represents the intimate connection they have to each piece, highlights their attention to detail and instills the sense of value that is reflective of Fortnight Lingerie. It’s also a soft and pretty behind-the-scenes look at the craftsmanship behind the brand. Check it: 

Fortnight’s 2012 Collection can be found at a variety of Canadian boutiques, including Gravitypope Tailored Goods, LYNNsteven Boutique, The Future of Francis Watson, The Narwhal Boutique, Pert Lingerie, and Nearly Naked. For the full list of where Fortnight Lingerie is sold, visit fortnightlingerie.com.

~ Lindsay Tapscott