Joe Fresh Fall/Winter 2010 @ LG Fashion Week has us excited about the every day

I think Globe and Mail’s Amy Verner best summarized the Joe Fresh Fall/Winter collection at LGFW in her sassy mid-show tweet: “Wearable stuffed animals and private school girl fantasies at Joe.” Hee, hee. In all truthfulness, I think we all have private school girl fantasies; whether it’s about being one or doing one. Regardless of this somewhat lascivious notion, Joe Fresh – once again – had us dreaming of a mad-dash shopping excursion to our nearest Loblaw superstore; who figured this idea would ever excite? Oh, but it does. Maybe I won’t be running to grab the fuzzy earmuffs and faux-fur Ewok coat, but you can be sure my closet staples will have a Joe glow.

Also ticking on Twitter was raves about Crystal Renn, the size twelve model who power-walked the runway with serious cut-eye….or is it cat-eye? Also thrown into the mix was 39 year old model Kirsten Owen; Joe Fresh is not reserved for wispy twenty-one year olds. Do they even shop for their own groceries?

With over fifty looks, there was a lot to think about:
Ooh, great pants for yoga – $29
This tuxedo blazer would be excellent for a killer .ppt presentation – $59
I’d look SO cute grabbing a latte in that wool peacoat – $89
Yep, that button down shirt is good seven days a week – $19

It’s funny, with other shows I imagine a saucy dress that I might splurge on for the Power Ball or AGO’s Massive but watching Joe Fresh, I get excited about the every day – clothes that go well with walking my dog, when I feel like being super stylish in Trinity Bellwoods.

So fresh and so clean clean.


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