Pop 5, Brit Edition: Banksy does The Simpsons, Lennon film Nowhere Boy, The Inbetweeners, Dianna Vickers, Ellie Goulding

The Simpsons Gets Dark- Everyone’s favourite yellow family might be dysfunctional, but they’ve never been this bleak. Cue British graffiti artist Banksy! His version of the credit sequence depicts Asian workers killing kitties to stuff Bart dolls and doing some rough things to Pandas and Unicorns. Supposedly a statement on outsourcing animation work to Korea, methinks that this might be a greater talking point than that time two weeks ago when Lisa went to Glee Camp with Finn, Mercedes and Rachel on the season premiere. Sidebar: Banksy is fantastic, check out his book Wall and Piece.

Nowhere Boy- Ooh. This makes me wanna hold your hand like. The film is John Lennon’s origin story and it’s all British-y. And Kristen Scott Thomas is there, the little lad from Love Actually plays Sir Macca, and it’s about how the Beatles got together. And its full of Scouse accents, one of my favourites. And it comes out Friday. And we’ll all put out of our minds how the 22 year old star (Aaron Johnson) shacked up with the 45 year old director (Sam Wood) and had a baby.

The Inbetweeners– This TV show about four College Boys (17 year old school-leavers) is the raunchiest, vilest, funniest comedy airing across the pond right now. The represented depths of depravity are probably a fairly accurate portrayal of the mind of the sophisticated species; the teenage boy. Now in their third season, there’s recently been talk of creating an American version. Nevermind ‘fuck’, how are they going to be able to say ‘minge’ and ‘clunge’ on North American TV? If you can keep your dinner down and fancy a giggle, don’t be a briefcase Mong, download an episode.

Dianna Vickers and Ellie Goulding- They’re charting in the UK and have been on my playlist for ages. These girls are beginning to get some traction here as an antithesis to all things bubblegum and bland. They’re definitely not Taylor Swift. For something sweet and quirky and relevant, check out the new pop that Dianna Vickers ( ‘The Boy Who Murdered Love’ ) and Ellie Goulding ( ‘Starry Eyed’ and ‘the Writer.’) are coming out with.

–By Zoe Shapiro

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