Gay Viral Vid Part 1- Like so many of you, I’ve been following the news and videos that have been part of the It Gets Better campaign, which are so important and very moving. I’ve neglected to include them on this list though. Mostly because there were too many to choose from and the whole movement, despite its viral vid nature, is more than just zeitgeisty and part of the pop-o-sphere. But three videos have emerged in the last week that were too awesome not too share. This first one made me cry. I don’t know what it is; the harmony? The swelling chorus? The wallflowers joining in? Either way, this version of the iconic gay anthem is totally goosebumpy. Thank you Cyndi, thank you for the words… We also can’t get enough of Jersey Boy Vinny’s adorable contribution to the campaign.

Gay Viral Vid Part 2– This video is more It Gets Better –adjacent than related but is too celebratory and way too awesome to pass up. A very different kind of awesome than the last video. But from the genius lyrics to this tranny’s gams and tight, tight ass, how can you not love The Vagina Song!? This remake on Travis McCoy’s ‘Billionaire’ is equal parts shock/gross and hySTERical. If nothing else, you’ve got to appreciate the homemade production value! I for one will never think of a slip-and-slide the same way again!!

Due Date– Robert Downey Jr., Zach Galifinakis, dog. Road trip humour. ‘Nuff said. Due Date opens on Friday.

Busy, busy Rihanna– The scarlet-haired one pulled double duty this weekend with duelling performances of ‘Only Girl in the World’, a song I can’t decide if I love to hate or hate to love. On Saturday night she hit up NYC and SNL and it was pretty much balls. She sounded off. But then she jetted to London for the X Factor’s Sunday Night results show and I pretty much j’adore the whole thing: the synth, the dress, the food fight….. looove! Get in, X Factor triumphs!! Plus I feel like her left nipple is flirting with me the entire time…..

Private Practice gets Rapey– I think Shonda Rhimes was on the money back in the day. Grey’s Anatomy used to be THE show, and I followed Addison to Private Practice loyally. Both dramas have just gotten worse and worse and I’ve long since stopped watching. Private Practice is about to get a lot of attention for their major story arc of the season, in which the ballsy and take-no-prisoners Charlotte King gets violently raped and deals with the aftermath. This massive plot point starts Thursday night. If it’s done well, maybe Rhimes’ show re-enters pop conscious? Either way, it super pisses me off that they announced this story a month in advance. Ooh, get ready for a big, mysterious, important story arc that we are happy to forgo the suspense and drama of actually surprising you with! You don’t put the shocker in the trailer… sigh. Also, Nicholas Brendon from Buffy plays the rapist. Oh Xander, you’ve strayed so far from the Scooby fold.

By Zoe Shapiro