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Recipe: Delicious, healthy, and super easy tuna salad

If there was a Joy the Baker fan club (wait…is there one?) I’d be a card-carrying member. I’ve mentioned her here before, and I just can’t seem to get enough of her recipes (and her writing). Each day, a little something lands in my inbox from Joy the Baker and it’s like, “Yes! Joy! You get me!” She somehow always manages to put together a recipe for exactly what I’m craving in that moment. Spoooky.

This insanely fresh and healthy recipe for no-mayo tuna salad (which she tops off with chips! Genius!) popped up several weeks ago and I squirreled it away in a folder until the exact right time.  That time is now. The only two changes I made were that I omitted the hard-boiled egg—dude, I was too hungry to wait for it to cook! And traded baby pickles for the capers she calls for in her recipe. Lip smackin’ delicious!

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