Scrapbook Showdown

by Rina Grosman
My younger sister recently turned 20 and instead of wanting to get a tattoo, piercing, or spend all of her money on a drunken outing…including scenes of dancing on table tops, making out with strangers, and other such activities…she opted instead for something a little more tame. An afternoon at the Red Tea Box and a trip to the corner De Serres for her gift… a customized scrapbook. We are an adventurous clan.


Eska board

Decorative Paper

White glue

paint brush

Scrapbook refills

Bone folder

cutting board
Ribbon Ruler

Step 1: Cut eska board into two pieces measuring 32cmx32cm each. Cut cover paper into two pieces measuring 36cmx each. Brush one side of eska board pieces with glue.

Step 2: Place glue side of eska board down onto backside of cover paper (make sure to centre). Smooth paper onto board with bone folder, working from the centre out. Turn excess paper onto underside of the board and glue down. Repeat with other board.

Step 3: Cut inside cover paper into two pieces measuring 12.25”x 11.5” each. Brush the uncovered side of eska board with glue. Position paper onto centre of board, slightly overlapping border of cover paper, and smooth down with bone folder. Repeat with other board. Place under heavy stack of books to dry.

Step 4: Measure and mark 6 dots for holes 2cm in from edge and 5.5cm between each marking (the holes closest to the top and bottom should be 2.5cm from the edge). Punch holes with awl. Measure a line 3.5cm in from edge with holes. Fold board along line. Cover fold on both outside and inside of cover with ribbon. Punch holes in refill papers (using same measurements for holes).

Step 5: Bind thebook using the Japanese stab binding technique. Follow instructions on the following link:

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