Target takes over the Templar Hotel during TIFF, so we wear red robes and shack up alongside Ben Affleck

Sometimes things at TIFF have nothing to do with film. Actually, most things during TIFF have nothing to do with film! But that’s okay, because we were more than delighted to take the Target SUV to the Target Hotel, pet Bullseye the Target pup, wear fuzzy red robes and lay our weary heads on a Target pillow. BECAUSE TARGET IS COMING TO CANADA THIS SPRING!! And we love waking up in hotel sheets. Even more, we love taking pictures of ourselves wearing all branded anything in countless poses!

Shedoesthecity was kindly invited to spend three nights and so decided to share the suite amongst three team members: Haley Cullingham, Jen McNeely and Becca Lemire. Although we didn’t see him, we did hear that Ben Affleck was staying at Target alongside Canadian talent like Emily Hampshire, Katie Boland and National Post’s Shinan Govani. Had we known this cast of characters was down the hall we would have had the best slumber party ever. 

We can’t wait for the arrival of Target into Canada. Until then, we have a plush version of Bullseye the dog that will remind us of our special time spent in our red and white room. 

Haley’s night at The Target Hotel (Click Photos to Enlarge)

Jen’s night at The Target Hotel (Click Photos to Enlarge)

Becca’s grand finale at The Target Hotel (Click to Enlarge)

The Target Hotel is no more but you can book yourself into the beautifully designed Templar! Located at Peter and Adelaide, this is a very cool boutique hotel. And all room service is done through FaceTime on an iPad. Awesome! Check it out.

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