Big Primpin’ is not a new event for you Torontonians, but hey, I’m a Winnipegger and this past Friday was my first time. Let me just say I appreciate what you guys are throwing down. Like BAM!

At home in Winnipeg there is a party called Grip&Grain that is similar to this event, but in no way does it live up to your guys’ party standards. There is something magical about being able to walk into a bar, Wrongbar to be exact, and watch everyone leave their pretentious attitudes at the door.

In 2012, is it too much to ask to be merry, to party with other people that are merry, and to stop hating on other people at the bar? Big Primpin’ proved that these hopes are totally doable.

The crowd was hip hop loving gays and lesbians, and their coolest friends (aka me), got to join in on the fun.

If you weren’t on the dance floor then there was no point in being there. I think I was poppin’ and lockin’ all night long, which really means dancing like an insane white girl. Thanks for not judging.

Now, I hate to be a someone who requests a song from the DJ, but when I’m out and I’m in a hip hop zone I NEED TO HEAR JAY-Z. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. So I slyly walked up to the girl who was Kevin Richie’s main groupie, clearly too intimidated to ask him directly (I don’t wanna be that kind of girl), and said “Hey do you think he would play some Jay-Z?” Next thing I know there is a ten minute Beyonce greatest hits medley roaring across the sound system. So ummm……. basically I got what I asked for.

This post is a just a big love fest about one of the coolest nights in Toronto. And maybe you haven’t been in a while, and this will remind you about the greatness that is Big Primpin’. I do want to share a couple reminders/helpful tips on how to fully enjoy this evening to its potential. For all you fashion loving party girls,  do NOT wear heels. Seriously. Sure it makes the outfit, and your ass looks great, but with the dance moves you’ll be busting out you’ll end up busting more than a move. *Insert broken ankle here* Ouch.  Also the less clothes on your body the better. Now usually my clothes are quite conservative, especially when it comes to revealing skin, but the amount of sweat I had dripping from head to toe was insane. I wasn’t embarrassed though, because clearly that’s just a sign of the most epic dance party of all time.

So thank you  Wrongbar, thank you Big Primpin, thank you DJ BETTIE FORDE, KEVIN RITCHIE & BLACKCAT for creating the perfect night for any friendly, hip hop, dance loving new person in town.

~ Lindsey Peterson