Treat yourself to a Drake Hotel Detox Package and wake up on the right side of the bed in 2012

You know that moment, at New Year’s Brunch, when you reach for your cup of coffee and then glance at the person next to you, wild-eyed, and cry, “The server has put GIN in my coffee! SABOTAGE!” Your dining companion then shakes their head slowly and explains to your feeble mind that the smell is actually coming from your pores/hair/last night’s dress, not the mug in your hand.

We could all use a little detox.

Whether your holiday indulgences involved too much booze, too much food, or too many regrettable Boxing Day purchases, it’s nice to start the New Year off fresh with an escape from the grind. Thankfully, The Drake Hotel is offering a Drake Detox Hotel Package, so you can melt your way in to 2012.

This packages start at $419 per night and include a 60 or 90 minute couples massage, two glasses of bubbly (hair of the dog, you know) and breakfast in bed. It’s basically the way we dream of waking up every morning. SLEEPOVER!

For more info and where to book, click here.

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