They are brave, adventurous and articulate. They are the women who define Toronto’s food scene. These food writers have become trusted sources for our city’s ever-changing culinary landscape. We rely on their judgement, praise their honesty and admire their hustle. We look to them to enlighten us about the food, its origins, the chefs, and all the delicious details of the city’s wildest flavours. They are the narrators of Toronto’s best and worst dishes; the literary heroines of sour, salty, sweet and bitter.

Here are 5 female food writers are KILLING IT. Straight up.

Jennifer Bain, Toronto Star (@thesaucylady)
Widely recognized as Toronto Star’s award-winning Saucy Lady columnist, Jennifer Bain is a force to be reckoned with. She’s the guiding voice of Toronto’s eccentric food scene, inviting readers to try the latest flavours and food trends. A daring food detective, she’s a reporter with a flair for writing. It doesn’t stop there: She’s also the author of Toronto Star Cookbook and The Best of the Holiday Cookie Calendar. She’s basically the Madonna of the food writing world. Respect.

Sheryl Kirby, NOW Magazine & Stained Pages Press (@sheryl_kirby)
Self-described as a “Betty Crocker Punk Rocker,” Sheryl Kirby is a loveable food writer with a streak of wild. Sporting a chic geometric bob and bold cat-eye glasses, Kirby shares the latest food buzz across Toronto as a writer, editor and event organizer. A “misfit and curmudgeon,” she is the lovely voice behind NOW’s ‘Got Game?’ series (an insider’s introduction to the city’s tastiest game dishes, including Borealia’s Pigeon Pie and Wvrst’s meat sausages). You can also read her work in Stained Pages Press, a micro-imprint featuring yummy Canadian food stories.

Liora Ipsum, BlogTO (@LioraIpsum)
Follow Liora Ipsum across the city on BlogTo. She’s everywhere: dishing the latest review on Kensington’s chicken and waffle joint, taste-testing poutine pizza, and commenting on the city’s word-of-mouth menu items. Ipsum relays the details we care to know, like restaurants prices, line-ups, décor and vibe. She’s honest, and that’s why we love her. It takes courage to write about food, and she does it with a style we can’t help but admire. She’s also an art director and graphic designer; a Jack-of-all-trades with a pulse on Toronto’s hit and miss menus.

Ivy Knight, Swallow Daily (@IvyKnight)
Ivy Knight loves burgers. (Already, she’s a woman most of us can relate to.) She knows the best patios (Cold Tea), the coolest food trucks (Buster’s Sea Cove) and the swankiest restaurants in the city. Her writing has a twist of humour, and her words carry genuine expertise that can make anyone hungry in seconds. Not to mention, she’s a cook, a well-connected food influencer and above all, inspiring. Like many of Toronto’s food connoisseurs, Knight is involved in multiple projects, events and activities. Right now she is the Editor-in-chief at Swallow Daily, the host of 86’D Mondays at the Drake and a freelance writer. “Busy” is an understatement.

Rebecca Fleming, Toronto Life (@Urbancrumbs)
Former Assistant Editor at The Grid, Rebecca Fleming is the go-to girl for restaurant turnover in Toronto Life. Fleming tells you who, what, where and why. (Say goodbye to The Happy Hooker and drop by Sotto Sotto’s new location two doors down.) She’s also a trusted resource for cheap girl tipoffs; like that time Come and Get It gave away toonie burgers for their one-year anniversary (ermahgerd). We all know that restaurants in Toronto have the potential to flop or fly, and thanks to her, we’re updated on them frequently.

Thanks to the guidance of these talented food-loving women, we can begin to wade through the chaos of the city’s food trends. They are honest, hard-working and above all–their narratives inform the public with a sense of pride and food appreciation. They’re killing it and for that, we love them.