Zoja Smutny is a Toronto-based artist and choreographer who has been curating life-altering retreats in Folegandros, Greece, for the past three years. Here’s why you should pencil this into your bucket list:

The Country: Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. “It has healing powers,” says Smutny. “It is transformative, it celebrates life, it celebrates love.”

The Sea: “The beautiful sea reminds us how small we really are, and it brings us back to what’s important. It reminds me to care for each other, to share beauty, to share love, and to pass it on.”

The Group: Group dynamics are important. “A good group for a retreat like this is important. I usually meet or Skype with an interested client first to let them know what to expect, and from there we both decide if it’s a right fit. It is about sharing a culture, a way of life, and allowing yourself to let me share the island with you.”

The Yoga: “I take you through postures in such a way that one has to listen to their body while practicing. I teach you a flow right on the first day, and we continually re-work that flow according to your needs each day. We go for long walks and end up on sacred beaches where we meditate on cliffs and then dive in the water. Yoga is simply happening all the time.”

The Culture: “I am half Greek and have spent a lot of my life in Greece. I thought it would be great to share this fantastic island with other people. Occasionally locals join us for practice and meditation, and our crew goes out at night and joins in on the Greek dances or becomes friends with the locals and shares some wine or rakı. These are the moments I feel that the exchange is happening, that cultures are colliding. This makes me thrilled and gives me hope for the world.”

The next retreats are in July and September. Book here.