5 Ways To Keep Enjoying Rosé This Fall & Contest

If you love something, do you really have to let it go? We’re going to go with NO. Provence Rosé has been our go-to all summer and we ain’t stopping just because the temps are dropping. We’re just getting a little creative with these recipes (and maybe skipping the ice-cubes):

1. Sangria FTW. This cocktail recipe hails from Ace Hotel and makes for the perfect warm weather treat. Just add rosé, Pisco and sliced peaches…yum! Now all we want to do is curl up in blankets with a good book and sip away. You can find the full recipe here

2. Sweeten your day with rosé gummies! Whether you keep it simple or add sliced fruit, these gummies are sooooo easy to make and delicious AF! We’ve made these several times and never had an issue. See how it’s done below:

If gummies aren’t your thing, you could also attempt your own rosé-infused chocolate – but we haven’t tried it yet ourselves. The ratio of wine to chocolate will be a bit of an experiment, but the best place to start is Bulk Barn – they have the BEST Belgian white chocolate wafers that melt down beautifully.

3. Try cooking with it. From chicken to roast ham, rosé makes a great cooking wine. This weekend, we’re making this Rose Lemon Caper Salmon from Food Network’s Ayesha Curry. Doesn’t it sound great? 

4. Host a rosé wine and cheese party! The nice thing about rosé is that it works with most cheeses, but there are a few stand-outs:

  • Thanks to their slightly acidic, tangy flavour soft goat cheeses and feta pair exceptionally well with bright and acidic wines like – you guessed it – rosé.
  • The intense flavour of gruyere (it’s all those herbs and spices) pairs remarkably with rosé. If you want to get REALLY wild, go for the smoked gruyere.
  • Not for everybody, but gorgonzola is another one of our faves around here. The key to this pairing is avoiding an overly strong variety that will overshadow the wine.
  • DYK that goat gouda actually gets sweeter as it ages? It’s true! Add rosé to the mix, and get ready to taste strawberries and cream. Hmmmm…..

5. Do it like the French girls (and boys!). In France, rosé is enjoyed year-round and we’re obviously super into it. Forget #RoséAllDay, more like #RoséAllYear.

CONTEST: We have a $100 pre-paid visa to give away to one lucky reader so she can stock her fridge full of Provence Rosé! Light, crisp and dry enough to work in cocktails and savoury dishes alike, Provence Rosé is set apart by berry flavours and acidity, which make it one of the most versatile rosés on the market. If you haven’t already, give it a shot! 

There are two ways to enter:

To enter on Twitter, tweet: “Hey @shedoesthecity & @vinsdeprovence, I’m all about rosé wine, please pick me! #winesofprovence”

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