99 changes to make, resolutions to consider and things to try in 2011. It's going to be a good one and we wish you well!

Eat meat less and when you do, buy organic.
Use dryer balls instead of fabric softener.
Spend more time with those you love and less with the party people.
Save money by making one pot meals that are easy to freeze and feed you Mon-Fri.
Reserve one day a month for trying something new like rock climbing or printmaking.
When dealing with a frustrating situation, breathe 3x before you speak.
Grow some veggies!
Floss more.
Invest in a good blazer.
Actually do that camping trip you keep talking about.
Spend an afternoon with your grandma to learn about her history.
Expand your vocabulary.
Send a handwritten note to a close friend.
Next time you post an angry status, do something about it.
Try meditation.
Go cable free.
Keep a journal bedside.
Make a cutoff time for being online so you go to bed with a book not your Macbook.
When you are thinking of someone, let them know.
Skip rope! It’s a really cheap way to get fit.
Plan spa days in advance so you have something to look forward to.
Go to the zoo.
Host a fabulous themed dinner party.
Next time you find yourself really curious about something, follow that curiousity.
Clean out your closet and donate the clothes you haven’t worn in the past year.
Drink more water.
What sport do you like? Do it.
Slow dance more.
Try baking bread.
Take a trip to an Ontario farm and find out where your food comes from.
Claim a recipe of your own.
Write a note to a past teacher and let them know how they positively influenced your life.
Explore a new neighbourhood.
Take a dance class.
Buy a ticket to either the TSO or the COC.
Make a point to improve your posture.
This year, continuously remind yourself what is important to you.
Learn or renew your first aid / CPR.
Read the Economist from cover to cover.
Toss your old make-up that is cluttering your bathroom.
Post or hang a map of the world where you can see it and look at it often.
Decide to learn about a country you know nothing about.
Swap parafin candles for beeswax.
Make a list of everything that is free in your city and take advantage.
Figure out what cause is very meaningful to you and get involved.
Buy some sexy lingerie and model it for someone.
Get a mentor.
Conquer a fear.
Make 2011 the year you got out of debt.
Actually print some of the photos you take.
Decorate a room until it makes you proud.
Try using the Toronto Public Library.
Plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been.
Try something in bed you’ve never tried.
Start a book club.
Spend more time fostering the relationships that are important to you.
What three things could you do to make your workspace more organized?
Write more thank you notes.
Instead of bitching about winter, embrace it. Cross-country skiing! Try snowshoeing!
Start a podcast.
Make Vitamin D your daily.
Save for your future, instead of a rainy day.
Less time on Facebook!!! A MUST!!!
Bring on the melatonin, more sleep in 2011.
Put a NO JUNK MAIL sign on your mailbox.
Get acquainted with kale and squash.
Next time you go to a birthday party – try baking a cake from scratch.
Host a clothing swap.
Make a point to meet your neighbours and learn their names.
Take your lunch to work.
Trying doing something crafty, even if you suck.
Make sure to take time for yourself each week. Book it, like you would an appointment.
Go to your local farmer’s market more often.
Dim Sum and then to the AGO.
Brunch on Harbord and off to the ROM.
Change your morning routine so that you eat breakfast, listen to Metro Morning and/or read the paper instead of waking up ten minutes before you have to leave the house.
Get rid of the people who only provide negativity and drama.
Polish your shoes.
Experiment with more spices while cooking.
See as many docs as you can during Hot Docs.
Write down what you are grateful for.
Always pay Visa on time!
Omega baby. Let your skin glow!
Umm – are we done this fucking list yet? Why did I decide on 99….FUCK! (Oh , I know, less cursing. Actually, I don’t care about that but maybe less swearing at people.)
Do your own home manicure instead of blowing cash.
Massage your lover more and make sure he/she does that back.
Buy a thermos and carry your coffee around. Every dollar counts lady!
Have more nights watching classic black and white movies. And make some really good buttery popcorn.
Call your parents more often to say hello.
Host a breakfast/brunch party!
Dance naked in front of a fire.
Finally, learn that language you’ve been yammering on about for far too long.
Next time a friend is sick, bring them a first aid kit made with love. Awww.
Stop spending weeks watching DVD Box Set Marathons!
Create a playlist entitled HAPPY, and throw 40 feel good songs on there for blah days.
Canada has such amazing authors, next time choose a Canadian to read!
Add a proper signature to your email. It annoys people that you don’t have one.
Rewrite your story.
Love your body.
Live your dream.


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    January 4, 2011

    love this

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    January 4, 2011

    This is such an inspiring list!

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