Winter is over! Hurrah! What better way to celebrate a change of seasons than a change of clothes? The anticipation of barefoot afternoons in Trinity Bellwoods and late night walks by the lake in the cutest lil dresses and crop tops has been killing me. Unfortunately, I’m super broke from taking cabs everywhere when the weather was cold (this is a no judgement zone) so I’m definitely too poor to overhaul my summer wardrobe with new clothes. If you’ve emerged from a long winter of ordering in food to eat huddled under a pile of blankets (again, no judgement), and find your bank account is somehow in the negatives, check out this list of great ways to save money this season while still indulging in summer fashion.

Buy your clothes secondhand (I mean, duh).
So far this summer I’ve obtained 4 really cute dresses and a bitchin’ lightly knitted sweater for under eighty dollars. Considering the going rate for a new tank top is more than $30 at many “trendy” stores, these additions to my wardrobe are a straight up personal VICTORY. Not only is it fun to buy new clothes without feeling like you’re breaking the bank, after pawing through crappy dress after weird patterned skirt after gigantic shirt after ugly sweater, when you find those gems you DO like, you’ll really feel a sense of achievement. You’re an urban huntress, and high-waisted shorts and mini dresses are your prey.

Cut sleeves and pant-legs off of everything
“Inside every pair of pants is a pair of shorts, and in every long-sleeved blouse, a crop-tank.” – Donatella Versace, probably. Get scissorin’ (wait).

Clothing swap with pals
Everyone wins in a clothing swap! A good old fashioned excuse to host a gathering of minds AND a gathering of the items you’ve been coveting from your pals’ closets for months. Put out a cheese plate, grab a bottle of wine, and start swapping!

Sarong it’s right
Wrap your body in a single piece of bright fabric and you’re hippie-chic, ready for the beach, stylin’ without even tryin’. A sarong can be employed for an endless number of outfit options and it’s only one silly little piece of cloth! #savings #toga #longflowinglifestyle

Find reasons to be naked as often as possible
We spend more than 6 months of the year bundled up in sexless snowsuits (we all still wear snowsuits, right?), so once summer hits, the urge to strip down completely and frolic in all of my pasty glory strikes me several times a day. If you’ve never been to Hanlan’s Point, first of all what kind of Torontonian are you and second of all, this clothing optional option is THE BEST PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Who needs a new outfit when you can hang out without one? Your birthday suit is the most affordable summer #ootd.

At the end of the day, summer is the season to feel great about yourself. Whether that be purchasing a few new “pieces” to add to your wardrobe, replacing the whole thing with new outfits, or abstaining from clothing all together (see you at Hanlan’s), it’s up to you to decide what works best for you! Just don’t bankrupt yourself on material* things.