b.good – Office Lunch Catering (That Don’t Suck)

If you aren’t looking forward to your next office meal, you’re ordering from the wrong place.

It’s so easy to slip into a rut of the same uninspired menu. That’s why we’re happy b.good has arrived to save us from flavourless office fare.

b.good’s diverse catering menu features fresh, healthy, hearty items with which to fuel your team. They offer real food (straight from Ontario farmers) with tons of options; from kale/grain bowls to sliders and box lunches made to order (including gluten-free, paleo and vegetarian). Plus they make a killer homemade lemonade (in Rosemary or Beet Ginger) that is so damn good.

Take the headache away from trying to please everyone and ACTUALLY please everyone with b.good. Check it out here.

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