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The Bachelor Canada Contestant Catie Fenn Tells Us What Went Down Behind The Scenes

Catie Fenn was one of the most memorable contestants in the history of Bachelor Canada (yes, I’m including all three seasons). This Torontonian lawyer/meditation coach brought her signature enthusiasm with her wherever she went. Some of the highlights from Catie’s time on the show include her wearing a coconut bikini for a photo shoot, meditating on the lawn in her bikini before her first one-on-one date with the Bachelor himself, and confessing to the cameras how she’s always believed her soul mate would be called Chris.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Catie, a former high school classmate of mine (we took Grade 12 Canadian history, which was a very formative class in both of lives). During a pleasant afternoon chat, Catie gave us the inside scoop on what it’s really like to be on Bachelor Canada. Read on for all the juicy – and surprisingly heartwarming – details.

SS: What made you want to go on Bachelor Canada?

CF: At the beginning of 2017, I decided I was having a “Year of Yes,” where I would be open to new experiences. I had a friend suggest I apply, and I did. I really connected with the producers. It just felt like the right fit. And it was definitely a different life experience.

Did attending an all-girls high school help prepare you for living with the other women on The Bachelor?

Yeah, living with women was old hat. It was easy for me because I spent all my days at an all-girls school and my summers at a girls’ camp. I was very prepared for this. Women love to chat. When you have a group of women, the natural connection point is that everyone wants to talk to each other.

What’s the best behind-the-scenes secret that you are allowed to share with us?

We would actually always have the most fun on Rose Ceremony days. They were our favourite days. We got ready so early in the day. Then we’d enjoy a couple drinks together. We truly enjoyed Rose Ceremony days. We were truly very close.

How did you amuse yourselves during down time?

I was really fortunate. I was pretty much inseparable with Jessie the entire time. We amused ourselves by talking. All of us actually really enjoyed each other’s company. We spent all day every day lying by the pool and chatting.

Are you still friends with women you met there?

Yes! I still consider Jessie to be one of my best friends. I convinced her on the show to move from Winnipeg to Toronto. She now works with two of my best friends. I’m close with Mikaela now too. I was not anticipating these deep, genuine bonds with some of the women. We have a group chat with all the girls!

What’s it like dating a guy who’s also dating all of your friends/roommates?

It was so weird. Whenever I was with Chris, I really compartmentalized it. In my conversations with him, I was able to just focus on the fact that we were getting to know each other. Then when we’re back at the house, it’s like you’re gabbing with your girlfriends about their guy, but it’s the same guy. So halfway through the season, we just stopped talking about Chris. It was weird for all of us.

Knowing what you know now, would you still sign up as a contestant on Bachelor Canada?

I would say I’m torn on it. No, in a lot of ways, because I think that it was quite emotionally taxing, and I found it quite difficult to be away from my life. To be gone for so long and not be able to connect with my friends and family was very stressful. That being said, life experience is life experience, and it was a one-of-a-kind life experience. I’m glad I had it.

What would be your advice to someone who is considering trying out for Bachelor Canada?

It is the same advice I gave myself: Be 100% apologetically yourself. It will allow the lead to fall in love with you for the real you.

How do you feel about the fan proposal that you should be the next Bachelorette, and all the guys should be called Chris?

I think that would be hysterical. That would be the most dramatic plot twist in Bachelor history. But what this show taught me is I need to let go of the name. I’ve learned to let go of the story. For that reason, I don’t think that would be the best.

So are you dating again now that Bachelor Canada has ended?

Yeah, I have been. I’m not currently dating anyone seriously.

Do you think the show made you a better dater IRL?

I think the show made me a better dater in that it made me understand who I am in a way that I wouldn’t have, had I not watched it back on the show.

And finally, I have to ask, how did the Grade 12 Canadian history class we took together help you on Bachelor Canada?

Bachelor Canada is a Canadian icon now. I really wanted to be part of making Canadian history itself. In history, we also studied a lot of battles and different communities fighting for land rights. In this case, we were fighting for the right to this man’s heart.

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