Be the Best Valentine Ever: Deliver the Drake’s Pillow Fight Hotel Package

Ooookay, how adorbz is this? The Drake is doing a thing where you can deliver a sleepover invitation to your favourite bed babe in the form of a pillow delivery right to their door.
You’ll spend the night in one of the Drake’s Crash Pads, which will be stocked with a sexy treat from Come As You Are and freshly baked cookies, and a copy of the Drake’s Pleasure Menu: a very special kind of room service that allows you to order all kinds of naughty toys.

Want to give someone you love an excellent V-Day treat? Packages are $249 per night. You can pick them up at the Hotel (1150 Queen St. W.) or the Drake General Store, and they include a complimentary noon checkout. Because you’re probably going to be pretty busy. 

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  1. CaraLoncar
    February 9, 2014

    shedoesthecity you go girl

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