Pacifika, Itunes pick for best world album of 2010, bring global fusion to Revival February 1st 

For those looking into a more worldly self this year (or month, or week, or day…) why not start with your soul food and choose a world beat?  With their trifecta of roots (Peruvian, Canadian, Barbadian) propelling their sound toward the fairyland of global fusion, Pacifika end up in more of an enchanted glen of richly layered sounds and voices. Their music spins a language all its own.  In plain English, you could call them iTunes’ pick for Best World Music Album of 2010 for Supermagique.  Singer Silvana Kane, guitarist Adam Popwitz and bassist Toby Peter sift through the Q&A – enjoy! 

Describe your sound in five words

Luscious, deep, playful, cinematic, groovy. 

If you could score a film, which film would you choose?  

We love Bernardo Bertolucci’s films… Besieged, The Dreamers… if Mr. Bertolucci is reading, we’d like him to know that we are ready for his next film.

Which five cities would you include in a fantasy tour?

Paris, Montreal, Sao Paolo, Barcelona, Berlin… mainly for the people and culture, and their love of music and the arts.

Strawberry Fields or Penny Lane? 

Let It Bleed. No offense Sir Paul.

Where/what does your name come from? 

We’d like to say it was whispered to us by a seashell but you’d never believe us.

How do you take your eggs?

With toast and hashbrowns.  A little salt.  In bed.  Toby likes them made into a crepe. 

What is your ideal rainy day activity?

We do our best studio work when it’s raining. The recording of Supermagique took place during what felt like 100 days of rain.

What is your favourite childhood television series?

Toby: Star Trek. 
Silvana: Topo Gigio

What’s your best concert-going experience?

Toby – Tool
Silvana – Mercedes Sosa
Adam – Jellyfish

Pacifika plays Revival February 1st. 

more – http://www.pacifikaonline.com/

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