Clothing Brand Experiment debut the second installment of their Artist Line series with Caroline Larsen and Alex Mcleod

Thursday night was the debut of two shirts from the Artist Line at Clothing Brand Experiment. Caroline Larsen and Alex Mcleod, both well established Toronto based artists, joined up with the clothing line to produce limited edition wearable art. Alex’s shirt bore his characteristic 3D elements, with stripes that bubbled out. Caroline’s was a playful look at hair, with Pantene worthy luster that every girl dreams of. Both shirts were beautiful and the rosé was flowing, making for a great atmosphere in which I couldn’t help but linger.

CBE is a completely Toronto based company, and all of the clothing is locally made. They take collaboration and experimentation to a whole new level. They have partnered with everyone from artists to school children and are constantly attempting to push their boundaries. The company produces t-shirts and hoodies that give you a “gentle hug.” You can purchase online or in select stores around Toronto.

Elly, who originally started CBE five years ago, was wonderful and really inviting, expressing her own astonishment at the success of these new projects.

Keep your eye out for bigger, crazier CBE events later in the summer!

~ Molly Grove

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