Dalston Grey is the latest addition to the up-and-coming vintage scene on Dundas West, joining the ranks that include Magwood, Penny Arcade, Apt 909 and House of Vintage. Formerly sharing space with 69 Collective and lost+found, Dalston Grey was re-branded and opened its first standalone brick-and-mortar in early August of this year. Owner Leah Gust chose the name Dalston Grey as a reflection of both the Dalston area of East London, a hip ‘hood in which she lived for a few years, and the film Grey Gardens

, which has a line in it that notes the difficulty in keeping the past and present separate. Gust tries to do just that with her store, by mixing her vintage finds with contemporary labels. We popped by to ask her a few questions about the store and get her thoughts on fashion.

What do you look for in your search for pieces?

I look for vintage with a contemporary feel, nothing too costumey. I’m very
influenced by street style blogs and what people are wearing right now. I try to put pieces in the store that reflect what’s current.

In addition to the vintage items, what contemporary lines do you carry?

For women, I carry Gat Rimon, which is a French line of great basics in silks, wools and cottons. Soon I‘ll be adding a line called Amour Vert, which is a sustainable, eco-chic label, all organic cotton and silks that are made without killing silkworms. For men, right now I carry Raleigh Denim and will be adding more in the future.

What do you love about your location?

It feels like a proper neighborhood. It’s a great strip for finding
vintage and just strolling and I love that people in the neighborhood can grab a
coffee and wander around. This area really feels like what Queen West used to be.

What’s your price point?

I try to keep it competitive. In the vintage items you can find a men’s t-
shirt here for $10 or a great dress for $65, but I’d say the bulk of it is around $25 to
$40. The contemporary lines are a bit higher though.

You do a street style post on your blog every Sunday; what do you look for when
searching for an outfit to showcase?

The other day I saw this girl wearing a leopard print cocoon coat and she’d paired it with mustard tights, which
I thought was really cool and different than just matching it with basic black. Things
that are interesting and inspirational, like an unusual combo of prints or colour-
blocking with hues you wouldn’t normally see together. I just did a post on a girl that paired yellow and green together which I would never think of doing unless you’re wearing a raincoat and wellies. I thought that was really fresh-looking. I also look for things that can be easily replicated, of course.

Who are your style icons?

Edie Beal from Grey Gardens of course! But also Alexa Chung; she never really does anything that blows my mind but she consistently looks cute and really put together. And Susie Bubble. I love her creativity.

And we love Leah’s creativity! Swing by and see for yourself!

~ Lindsay Tapscott

Dalston Grey is at 1317 Dundas St. W
Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 7pm
Sunday 12pm – 6pm
Closed Mondays