East End gets Local…

Any veteran of party-planning knows there are three key ingredients to the perfect girl’s night out: Tapas, drinks, and conversation. Local (511 Danforth Ave.), with it’s sumptuous modern space, extensive wine list, and delicious food (one look at the menu will get your mouth watering) has all the elements that make for a fabulous special occasion. Celebrate a 30th birthday with char-grilled spiced lamb spareribs with a honey balsamic glaze, gossip about ex-boyfriends over marinated olives and rosemary-chili almonds, and toast a new promotion with the signature drink, The Local, a citron-vodka based cocktail with fresh mint, peeled cucumber, and a squeeze of lemon juice. The ambience of the dining room is the place to be for big gatherings, the bar is perfect for picking up, and more intimate diners can cozy up in the loft and lounge areas.

Local is opening Tuesday-Saturday 5pm-2am


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  1. Anonymous
    January 22, 2009

    Finally some east-end love!

  2. Rehana N
    January 31, 2009

    gosh, i live 15 mins from the danforth and i’ve never been in that restaurant! will def check it out.

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