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Forte-Sheridan Show Review

by Haley Cullingham
Here is a terrible idea: go to the fantastic opening of Forte, an exhibition of work by graduating students of the Sheridan Institute’s Craft & Design Program, the week before you move into a new apartment. Not only was I blown away by the craftiness of the students (the things they can make with their hands!), I left with a desire to furnish my new bedroom with wood-and-spring-green-laquer Frank Gehry-inspired shelves (by Marie Kim) and John Diessel’s vented wooden lamp. I also was entirely convinced it was worth spending a month’s rent to fill our coffee table with Chelsea Uphoff’s fantastic, Valley of the Dolls-esque giant pharmaceutical pill installation. The evening was spent milling between the art-students and gallery buffs, munching free grapes and marveling at the intricacy of Lisa Gwendolyn Robbins’ work; tiny, beautiful creations that were halfway between body parts and sea creatures, and the layers of delicate smoke rings on Steven Tippin’s glass sculpture. I walked away from the Lennox Contemporary with my hands full of business cards, and a burning desire to learn how to silkscreen, whittle, or blow glass. Until my wallet lends to co-habitating with these works of beauty, I’ll pin the business cards up on my bulletin board and live vicariously.  

Forte is showing at the Lennox Contemporary Gallery from May 22nd through June 1st, Thursday-Sunday, 12pm-5pm 

12 Ossington Ave, 

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