Go Glamping in Honour of Victoria Day with Camping Gear fit for a Queen

Queen Victoria? Camping? HEAVENS NO! The Queen doesn’t camp, she GLAMPS. That is, glamorous camping. If you’re planning on escaping the city limits this weekend, why not do it with an edge of regal fanfare? Behold, She Does The City’s Guide to Glamping.

1. Motor Robe Blanket, Drake Hotel General Store, $105.00
We love curling up by the campfire, and whether you’re portaging your way to home base, or spending the journey in the front seat of a car, this classy blanket is a cozy, easy-to-carry accessory that makes us feel like we’re going camping in the Alps.

2. Minnow Bathers Suit
Minnow Bathers are locally designed handmade wonders that bring a fine vintage look to swimwear. Perfect for lounging or sauna-ing, if your campground happens to go in for that sort of thing. 

3. J. Crew Flak Trench Vest, $168
Into the woods! Look foxy on the trail in this J. Crew number. 

4. Avignon Square Lanterns, Restoration Hardware, $39-$159
Who needs a flashlight when you can bathe your campsite in the warm glow of candles? The lanterns will help keep your light source wind resistant. What could be more romantic? 

5. Ruffoni Copper Fondue Pot, $299.95, Williams Sonoma
If you’re feeling fancy, why not classy up your s’mores by dipping the marshmallows in fondue chocolate? Mmmmm. 

6. Monogrammed Steak Brand and Carving Board, $69.95, Williams Sonoma
Campfire burgers are always delicious, and whether you’re actually cooking up some steak or just making your mark on cheeseburger special, this brand is hilarious. 

7. Teroforma Whiskey Stones, $20
If you throw these from freezer to cooler, they’ll stay cold and keep your deep-in-the-woods bourbon at sipping temperature. 

8. Ultimate BYOBed, Queen Size (natch.) Canadian Tire
Yes, this is an actual portable camp bed. And yes, it is nicer than the bed in my bedroom.  

9. Ostrich Penny Driver, $598, FM Allen
Lust. Would that all outdoor wear looked this unbelievable. 

10. Outdoor Research Graphic Dry Sack, MEC, $12.50-$15.50
Keep your things dry with this cool graphic-print dry sack. 

11. Nicole Tarasick Graphic Pillows
The inside of your tent will feel a lot cozier if you’re resting your head on these babies instead of a rolled up sweatshirt. 

12. Galvanized Metal Rolling Wagon Party Bucket, $199.00, Pottery Barn
Woo-hoo! Not for your amateur Glampers, this thing is the real deal. Roll it out and make party! 

13. Cupola Tent, White Canvas
Bedouin tents are the best way to sleep.

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