Like any finishing school of repute, there is a place for grooming at SDTC. I’m not going to tout the virtues of a great manicure (see Terese at Skinovation), lovely fragrance or an impeccably well-maintained smile, because these are givens.

But my new discovery of old classic, the wash-and-set, has me feeling all Jean Harlow. At a time when many folks are tightening the purse strings, little indulgences can make you feel like a million bucks.

Beni at Blowdry Loungeis known for his perfect blow outs (for the price of a few Starbucks) but he recently set me in rollers and popped me under the massive dryer (but not before placing a glass of pink bubbly in my hand, bless him). The look was pure old school, and I have to say, I felt pretty retro-fabulous lazily passing a Saturday morning away, reading the paper under a giant humming dryer.

Recession be damned, I’m getting my hair done.