Habitat Youth Coalition hosts a massive clothing swap this weekend! Swap your old jeans for a dress and help Habitat for Humanity!

Habitat Youth Coalition, the youth arm of Habitat for Humanity, is holding a swap! HYC is a youth-run group whose mission is to provide students with leadership opportunities to make a difference in their communities.

Survey your wardrobe and if any of the following statements ring true, then you just gotta swap ’em:

  • “I haven’t worn this in four years.”
  • “This fit in a different life.” 
  •  “Why?? WHY???”
  • “Well, I never knew I even owned this.”
  • “I think there was this costume party? I dunno.”

We’ve all done the closet sweep, and HYC’s SWAP Till You Drop is the perfect next step – grab your clothes, grab your pals, grab a coffee and hit the swap. 

BONUS! You earn swap tickets for every item you bring, and if all goes according to plan, you’ll walk away with beautiful things you’re excited to wear, in an exactly equal amount to the things you brought.

The important details:

Happening this weekend! April 14-15

9am to 4pm at Metropolitan United Church (35 Queen Street E, two blocks east of Queen station)

Buy your tickets online for $5 here, RSVP here and get a little more information here.

We are on the prowl for your jackpot hand me downs.

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