It's a steamy scene at The Bay with Jack and Lazaro of Proenza Schouler

When I bought an astroturf green fan for a dollar from a sidewalk street vendor on a sweltering Tuesday afternoon, I had no idea that it would become one of the most underrated hits of The Bay’s Proenza Schouler event. 

Playing host to famed American designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez (Proenza Schouler), Toronto’s fashionable glitterati swarmed to The Bay’s flagship store to pay homage to the men who made bright,neon chartreuse a colour to covet, rather than fear. 

When they first emerged, party goers dropped their duck prosciutto pancakes and clustered around Jack and Lazaro like moons to Jupiter. It’s hard not to want to meet them, especially when they’re so gosh-darned cute.

After making our way through the throngs of socialites and flashing cameras, my friend and I had our five minute audience with Jack and Lazaro. 

“Toronto girls really know how to dress,” smiled Lazaro,

“I-I-love your c-c-c-colour sense!” I blurted out. As long as I didn’t emit a high pitched squeal of joy at meeting one my favourite design duos, I could at least feign fashion cool. 

 “Is it appropriate to ask for an autograph at these things?” I wondered to myself.

After a quick discussion about how awesome philosophy was, Jack and Lazaro were promptly whisked away to meet other guests.

“They are SOOOOOO nice.” I excitedly whispered to my friend, my eyes darting around to make sure nobody caught me actually enjoying myself.

Awkwardly orbiting around famed Canadian designers, Jeremy Laing, and Kirk Pickersgill (Greta Constantine), my friend and I were fashion fan-girls in more ways than one.  As guests stewed in the sweltering heat, we would pop up next to party goers offering the services of my little green fan.

“You came prepared!” gushed a middle aged woman, who trotted up to me expressly to get a quick blast of cool air. Her praise was quickly followed up by a curious, 

“Giiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrl, where did you find that amazingly coloured fan?”

“Sidewalk in Chinatown for a dollar!” I slightly slurred. I came for Jack and Lazaro and stayed for the free Veuve Cliquot. As Toronto Life so eloquently said, “Some people drink to get drunk.”

~ Natasha Hunt

Photos taken from The Bay’s b-insider fashion blog.

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