July Cheat Sheet

With sweaty garbage, unattended wading pools, and the death of That Pop Icon Who Shall Not Be Named, isn’t it time for some good news? Well folks, we’ve got it riiiiight here. Now you don’t even need to think through the trash fumes in order to rustle up something snazzy to do today/tonight/next week. So fill up your hydration helmets with some good ol’ H-Twenty, snap your fave fanny pack and Bermuda shirt, and get out there, kids!


The Lovely Killbots , the Paint Movement and Provincial Parks

From bigbeat/grindcore, to delicious rockin riffs all the way over to some truly hypno-relaxo folk, this show promises something for everyone

July 1, Drake Underground

Indie Week Fight Night

Head over to Clinton’s to watch a crew of big-hearted bands duke it out for a much-coveted spot playing in October’s Indie Week

July 2, Clinton’s

Broken Social Scene

Now cemented firmly into the upper stratosphere of the Canadian music scene, BSS hardly needs an introduction. Live the legend with this free show at Harbourfront, and try not to think about the fact that Olympic Island got cancelled because of the stupid Indy.

July 11, Harbourfront

Neko Case

Case has been kicking around for a while, as both solo artist and fly-by-night member of New Pornographers, but only recently receiving the notoriety that she deserves for her mad belting ability. This rockin’ redhead will undoubtedly serve up a surreal sonic experience.

July 14 (Massey Hall)

Boys like Girls, Never Shout Never, The Ready Set

Pretty boys and guitars? Yesplease. If you’re into Dashboard Confessional and Brand New but looking for something edgier, this trifecta of tunage is not a night to miss.

July 15, Phoenix


Come on, she invented the term “bootylicious.” This woman is irreplaceable, so to speak. WHERE MY SINGLE LADIES AT?

July 20, Molson Amphitheatre

Depeche Mode, Peter, Bjorn & John

Oh, what’s that? One of the most influential groups of the 80s playing with one of the hottest of today? Be prepared for a LOT of skinny jeans, neon Wayfarer-esque shades, and scene ‘dos.

July 24, Molson Amphitheatre

Crystal Castles, Jeff Mills, A-Trak

A night of bone-grinding techno, this triumvirate of the tables are collectively so hot right now in the world of beat juggling and hydroplaning.

July 25 Sound Academy

Katy Perry

Love her or hate her, this chick will undoubtedly put on a show…snogging girls or otherwise

July 26 (Molson Amphitheatre)

Shows and Fiestas:

Dream in High Park: The Tempest

Shakespeare in the Park! Purported to be–by people in the know–Billy Shakes’ swan song to the stage. Some pic-nic fare and smuggled-in wine makes for a ragin’ Renaissance night.

June 26- September 6, High Park

Toronto Fringe Festival

Toronto’s annual summer festival of off-beat, adventurous and untested stage shows.

July 1st – July 12th, All Over Town!

The Scream Literary Festival: The Book is Dead

The annual Scream in High Park (not to be confused with the annual theatre production of a similar name) celebrates books and their lovers, an ironic nod at the “death” of the medium. Readings and parties galore!

July 2-13, High Park


The city’s restaurants fling open their doors and put forth affordable, prix-fixe menus. The best time to try out a place that your stomach—and your wallet–could otherwise only dream of.

July 3-19, all over town

Harbourfront Summer Festivals: The Hot Spot

A new Harbourfront festival of hottt international music. For more details, see our Harbourfront scoop!

July 3-5, Harbourfront

Casa Loma’s Renaissance Festival

Always wanted to fall for someone in pantaloons? Now’s your chance! Head to Casa Loma for archery, falconry, and hand-to-hand knight fights. The garbage strike will even provide a historically accurate odour!

July 4 – July 6, Casa Loma

Beaches International Jazz Fest

Woodbine Park, Kew Gardens, Queen St. E. and environs light up with one of the city’s best outdoor music festivals. AND it’s free, yo!

July 17-27


African food, dance, theatre, music and culture spills out onto Queen’s Park for a mad-beatin’ free for all.

July 11th – July 12th, Queen’s Park

Salsa on St. Clair

Aye Caramba! Free Latin culture street party—strap on yo’ dancing shoes, foo!

July 11-12, St. Clair between Winona Drive and Wychwood Ave

Caribana Festival

In the heat of summer, nothing—no, NOTHING—spices things up more than Caribana. Carribbean food, music, dance, art, and performance. AND DON’T FORGET THE CITY’S SASSIEST PARADE!

July 14-August 1, Everywhere.

Festival of India

I don’t know how a mantra meditation parade works, but I’m willing to find out at 11 am on the 19th! The fest also boasts a yoga meldown, vegetarian feast, and South Asian bazaar.

July 18-19, Yonge Dundas Square and Centre Island

Frugal Fashion Week

West Queen West’s frugalistas unite to make some proverbial lemonade out of the economic lemons of our time. No fashion week is complete without a launch party, fashion shows, and more; this one is no exception.

July 23-26

Live Green Toronto Festival

Stumped on how to live greener and better? Never fear! All the tools, products, services, and info you ever wanted to help you live more sustainably will be assembled at Y-D Square this weekend!

July 25- July 26, Yonge Dundas Square


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