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Make Your Own Fresh Almond (or Cashew, or Seed) Milk in Minutes

Lactose intolerant?  Hate spending $6 on organic almond milk, only to throw it out?  Hate all the thickeners, like carageenan, that are in the most popular commercial brands? Look no further.  I love teaching my clients how easy it is to make fresh almond milk.  It literally takes minutes and can last the entire work week.  Great with cashews and seeds too!

Unpasteurized Raw and Organic Almond Milk Recipe

1/2 cup plus a few extra raw organic almonds
1 cup of cold water

Throw everything into your blender, Vitamix, Magic Bullet or food processor.  Blend until it reaches a creamy/milk-like texture.  By adding less water you can make a great cream for coffee. Add more water to create milk for shakes, smoothies, baking and to drink.  Strain the liquid, with your metal colander, nut bag or cheese cloth.  Use the leftover bits for baking or in your oatmeal.  What you are left with is delicious raw almond milk that will last in the fridge up to 4 days.  You may need to re-blend it after a few days because it tends to separate.

Optional: Keep straining until desired texture, or add fresh vanilla (or extract), cinnamon to add a nice flavour. You can also soak almonds overnight in water, then gently remove skins the next day, for a different texture. 

This recipe is also great with cashews! Mmmm, cashew cream!

Rachel A. Bies, CNP is the on-site nutritionist for McEwan Foods and Fit Factory Fitness Gym. She believes that food should always be delicious, fun, and healthy, and will be sharing her foodie nutritionist tips, recipes and lifestyle suggestions with SDTC readers! We love her approach to clean living and think you’ll find her easy tricks helpful and inspiring.