by Karen Cleveland
Good help is hard to find. So when you have the good fortune to receive it, acknowledge it. Particularly leading up the holidays, it’s important to show love to those who make your life easier.

Tip generously.

Your fantastic morning barista, dog-walker, manicurist, favourite bartender, courier-that’s-always-saving-your-ass-at-work, housecleaner – the huge entourage of people that make your day better deserve a big thanks. And some money.

Write them a quick note (hand-written, please and thank you) and tuck in some cash. How much? At this time of the year, an amount double your usual gratuity (or the cost of the service they provide, if appropriate) is called for. For really top-notch service, tip more. You’ll make someone’s day and in return, they’ll be more apt to continue to show you love in 2008.

Note: Don’t tip co-workers. In today’s meritocracy where we are all professional equals, your good intentions could be considered patronizing, particularly if you work on a tight-knit team. Instead, do a run to your caffeine-house of choice and pick up bevvies for your work peeps.