It’s no secret that I love Mansion parties (when I told fellow SDTC-er Haley Cullingham that I was going, her response was, “Of course you are. It’s a Friday!”), but I was especially excited about this one. Dubbed Tokyo Twerk, the party was gaining a lot of attention for its headliner, New York rapper Le1f.

Le1f (real name Khalif Diouf) has been in the spotlight for a while now thanks to his mixtape, Dark York, which touts heavy bass and sassy lyrics. Combine that with his ability to werk a dance floor like no one else I’ve seen and it’s safe to say he’s going places. The young rapper came on stage at the newly opened Moskito + Bite a bit late, but it was worth the wait. His set was high-energy and the packed room was super into it, dancing on the runway-like stage with him and trying to keep up with his fierceness (but, actually. Some did a pretty good job of it, too. I was not one of them). The crowd favourite was, by far, his hit song “Wut,” which could get just about anyone’s booty doing a lil’ shake. It was hot and loud and really great and did I mention I liked it?

After the show I bumped into Le1f on a stairway and couldn’t help but blurt out, “You were awesome!” He said, “Thanks,” and I got all fangirlgiddy because he’s cool and I’m, well, nawt.

~ Sara Harowitz, photos by Conrad McGee-Stocks courtesy of Mansion