Montreal Biodiversity Centre Opens this Week

You don’t need to travel to the Amazon to see an extraordinary array of plant and animal life: there are over 2800 vascular plant species, 6000 non-vascular and fungus species, 650 vertebrate and 31 0000 invertebrate animal species currently known to reside in the province of Quebec. As hardy as those numbers sound, species are vulnerable considering the effects of climate change and pollution.

A new diversity centre in Montreal, designed to give local flora and fauna a boost and ensure the long-term conservation of species, opened its doors this week at the Montreal Botanical Garden (4101 Sherbrooke E). Along with housing an impressive collection of plants, insects and fungi, the Université de Montréal Biodiversity Centre will showcase its collection at the centre’s public museum in the hopes of raising awareness about the importance of biodiversity. The first exhibition, “Shared Visions of Quebec Plants”, opens April 7.

Photo credit: A. Elizabeth Arnold

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