New doc Red Obsession Highlights the Growing Lust for Bordeaux Wine in China

A new documentary opened at the Lightbox last week that is not only enlightening and entertaining, but also offers a litany of intelligent conversation-starters for your next dinner party/work function/wherever there is wine. Global Economy? Check. History of French vintages? Check. Russell Crowe? Uhhh, yes, check, he’s there too. 

The film is Red Obsession, and it follows the legendary wines of France’s Bordeaux region, where an average vintage produces approximately 700 million bottles. For the Bordeaux neophyte, like myself: the wines range from everyday “Yes, hi, I brought this fun French bottle to your potluck” table wines to some of the most prestigious wines in the world (“Hi, I’m a sommelier and also a celebrity and I brought this to your potluck/Oscar party, Elton John, now where should I hang my casz Dior chapeau?”)

Turns out that due to huge shifts in our economy and the larger global marketplace, the cash-strapped West is no longer the primary importer of Bordeaux. That title now belongs to China. Narrated by the ever-unpredictable Russell Crowe (where will he pop up next?), Red Obsession examines that shift from an economic and cultural perspective, whilst delving into the enduring allure of this prized global commodity.

Whether you’re a bourgeoning connoisseur, a full-fledged sommelier, or someone who literally had to spell-check all of those words (hi), Red Obsession promises to enlighten and intoxicate. 

Red Obsession opened Friday, Sept. 27th, at the Tiff Bell Lightbox.
More information and showtimes available here

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