Author | Photos Becca Lemire

PHOTOS: Bad Girls Club Hosts An Epic Art Show In An Old Textile Factory

The next generation of Toronto female artists has arrived. They’re young, daring, experimental, rebellious, sexy, brainy, and politically charged. (They also have the best hair.)

Last weekend, Bad Girls Club took over 2600 square feet in an undisclosed warehouse to host their inaugural group show and artist talk. There was a lot to see, feel and think on: the beginning of something very exciting.

Organzied by Ariella Starkman, the show comprised 28 female-identified emerging and established artists, local and international. Amidst the packs of recent OCAD grads were boldfaced names like Carbon Paper‘s Gemma Warren, and Toronto luminary Andrea Bolley.

The show explored many things, but the press release described its purpose as an investigation into “the complex and contradictory nature of love, sex and emotion, specifically related to a feminist exploration of self-love, independence, and sexuality.” Wicked, let’s explore…together.

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