Post-April Fool's Good Deed Roundup: Canned goods for Library Fines, Google Art Project, EthicalDeal.com and more

It’s important for human beings to treat other human beings well (AMIRITE?).  Some place firm beliefs in quasi-faithful karma systems, wherein good deeds re-emerge later in life as small, happy occurrences, or “luck.”

Holding the door for someone with their arms full, writing and leaving a friend a mystery note for later, treating to coffee or other treats, these are the deeds that ensure the universe will take care of you.  Sometimes referred to as a “give to get” methodology, it is actually more focused on a continuous exchange of happy thoughts (like in Hook/Peter Pan and deeds.

So often when we feel helpless in the gale of hard work and the rush of the city, we are reminded to slow down and appreciate our universe, by small niceties bestowed on us by others.

And now, a roundup of good deeds spotted around town:

– A package of soothing rishi tea Ginseng Oolong blend from a friendly and pragmatic baristo at The Green Grind (one of the best coffee shops in the city that you’ve probably walked right by – it’s all tucked into a building on the corner of College and Manning and genuinely worth the hunt).

– The world’s best approach to Library Fines!  Everyone has felt the wrath of the librarian when you’re late to return the well-loved book you forgot over and over and over again.  Guilt be gone at OCADU – $2 of your fine is absorbed for every canned food item you bring in.  Now that’s smart.

– Keeping it in the family, this round up of local Easter treats, some vegan and gluten-free, is 100% a good deed.

– If you made it through Sunday un-pranked, consider it a kindness your living situation thought you deserved.  That, or do another scan of your household for forgotten tomfoolery.

The AGO bestows a good deed upon the internet : get some culture going next time you open a new tab.

– Doing the internet folk a solid :  Ethical Deal provides those cruising the information super highway with discounted access to such life-boosters as krill oil (56% off capsules packing 48 times the power of regular fish oil!) or preferred seating at Humankind, an evening of peace and inspiration with H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ($29 for a $79 value/priceless).

~ Annie Webber

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