Pucker Up for Valentine's Day at Holt Renfrew

Ahh St. Valentine, you old so-and-so.  Creeping up on us year after year.  Just as the holiday glow has officially burnt out, just as the resolutions have fluttered peacefully out the window, and just as the streets graduate to a brine percentage unfathomable, it’s time to divide up the in-loves and the out-of-loves to really put those patience levels to the test.  Do you have what it takes to tell cupid where to shove his bow?  If not, or maybe even if so, the good people at Holt’s are once again poised to swoop in with a little pampering. 

Every weekend until THE WEEKEND (Feb 12/13), Holt Renfrew locations across Canada will turn into lovey-dovey-wonderlands.   

Kissing booths – but let’s get this straight – it’s a lipstick tutorial/application/$5 off deal.  You’ll have to leave the kissing part up to fate.  But who knows, right? 

Kissing cupids – now here’s where the kisses come in.  Cherubim will wander the premises armed with bows and arrows.  Maybe bring a shield?  Nahh, you gotta love the love! 

Love Buds – for a bloomin’ lovely Valentine’s day – flower arrangements-a-go-go. 

Mark Your Love Monogramming – wear your heart on your sleeve.  Or their heart on your sleeve.  Or your heart on their sleeve.  Holt’s tailors have their needles threaded for your every whim to be stitched lovingly onto someone’ssleeve. 

Ready My Lips – Well, they’ll read yours anyway.  Psychic readers will be on hand to give you a glimpse of your lovelife by way of your kisser (your mouth). 

Pick Your Love Potion – MOCKTAILS!  Need we say more?

~Annie Webber 

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