Author | Photo Stalagmite-Stalactite by Makeshift Collective at PULP 2015

PULP Paper Art Party For Evergreen Centre This January

The stuff we throw out doesn’t just vanish. Our trash has a way of finding its way back to us in some form or another – either in the air we breathe, the water we drink or the land we walk on. PULP Paper Art Party 2017 is a fundraiser designed to examine the current lifecycle of discarded materials and investigate alternative uses.

Contoured Environment by RAW Design, PULP 2016

This year’s event takes place on January 16th at Geary Lane (360 Geary Ave) and will combine installation art, live music, dancing and conversation. Proceeds from the event will go to¬†Evergreen Centre for Street-Involved Youth, which provides assistance in and services for employment, health, food services, housing, nursery, and art programs.

If you’ve never partied in a room full of paper, here’s your chance. Get tickets here.

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