Recipes For Disaster at Doc Soup

by Haley
Not since Al Gore spoke to whales has Mother Nature had such an intriguing spokesperson: Taking the fight for a greener world out of the lecture hall and into the home, Finnish director John Webster convinced his middle-class, suburban family to spend one year on an ‘oil detox’, weaning them off of oil and petroleum products, while trying not to compromise their lifestyle. The documentary of their journey, ‘Recipes for Disaster’, has been earning accolades around the world for it’s humourous and honest portrayal of the family’s struggle to achieve Webster’s goal, and the sacrifices and frustrations of his wife and two young children. Playing for the first time in North America at Doc Soup on Wednesday, Jan 14, come take a look at one man’s commitment to change his life for the greater good, and ask yourself: Could I do that?

When: Wed, Jan 14th, 6:30 and 9:15 pm
Where: Bloor Cinema, 506 Bloor St W
Cost: $12, with a limited number of FREE tickets for students with proper ID at the 9:15 screening.

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