Sarah Taylor, Much VJ

“I would love to pick Woody Allen’s brain-how can a man write women better than women??”

How do you prepare for TIFF? Lots of sleep, ginseng and movie screenings!
Where would we most likely find you during TIFF at 2PM? Either walking out of a screening or into a junket interview….coffee in hand.
What has been your most memorable TIFF party? Hmmmm, can’t choose just one….I’m always excited for the Holts party!! (I think The Stills are performing this year)
What are the three things you need during TIFF to survive? My blackberry, food stash (red carpets can be long) and a comfortable yet KILLER set of heels – TIFF is not the place to sacrifice cuteness!
If you are looking for a moment of peace and quiet within the ten days – where do you go or what do you do? Well that doesn’t really exist during TIFF, but if it does it’s while I’m sleeping.
Which celebrity run-in has been your favourite? Or had you the most awestruck? Jennifer Aniston was fun last year…twice…she’s so long, lean and lovely..with big green cat eyes!! But my favorites have been JLo, Colin Firth, Adrienne Brody and of course my boyfriend JEFF GOLDBLUM (aka brundlefly!!)….who told me he loved my painted toe nails…..I’m totally in love with him and it was a geeky fan vs star moment….ashamed but still basking in the glory.
What has been the strangest interaction you’ve had during TIFF? I think I once ran into Mickey Rourke carrying his Chihuahua…..not strange more like AMAZING.
Which film are you most looking forward to this year? Everything….Jennifer’s Body, Capitalism: A Love Story, A Serious Man. Whip It (Drew’s directorial debut!), Chloe, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire (Oprah!!), The Men Who Stare at Goats (George Clooney!)
What’s your best advice for someone who’s never attended TIFF before? Have fun!!! Go to the after parties and enjoy how beautiful and electric Toronto really is!
Best SWAG ever? Hmmm I can never remember to pick it up! Or else I lose it or give it away…let you know next year. OH wait, re-issue vintage Nikes last year!!
You have a huge smile on your face at TIFF – what just happened? Spike Lee just asked me to star in his new project and I have a date with Denzel later…..uh a ‘friend’ date ladies….I ain’t no home wrecker!! (although there may be few exceptions)
If you could pick the brain of one filmmaker – who would it be? It might have been Tarantino before I met him but now and forever WOODY ALLEN…how can a man write women better than women??
If you could grab a drink with one celeb – who would you choose? OPRAH! Sorry, I’m a little excited. Or maybe George Clooney……gorgeous….
What’s the first thing you’ll want to do once the insanity is over? Quiet reflections followed by LOUD reflections with my girlfriends and hopefully with you too:

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