by Jen McNeely

Director: Michael Patrick King

Actors: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Noth, David Eigenberg, Evan Handler, Jason Lewis, and gay besties.

Costume Designer: One and only Patricia Field.

In A Nutshell:
Movie picks up four years after hit HBO series ends. Carrie, now a bestselling author is still dating Mr. Big and rocking print on print. Charlotte’s life couldn’t be any more perfect – between doting hubby and adopted daughter with look-a-like ethnic doll – she has everything she’s ever wanted. Most surprising character arch is courtesy of cock loving Samantha Jones, who’s relocated to LA with sexy Smith Jerrod, and replaced polygamy with diamonds. Our fourth gal, Miranda spends her time, rather unsuccessfully, juggling work and marriage. There is no fecal matter smeared on Miranda’s face this time around, but her love life is as far in the dumps as can be.

Annoying Qualities: Booms in frame…must have spent most of budget on wardrobe…but then again, I’m not complaining!

Memorable Quote:

“It’s like pushing a cream puff through a keyhole.” Anthony Merentino, wedding planner to everyone as he stuffs Carrie into limo in gigantic Vivienne Westwood dress

“Is it just me or is Valentine’s Day this year on steroids” Miranda to Carrie as they dine in a restaurant dripping with red balloons and V-day chuchkas

“…something just came up” Samantha politely getting off phone as Smith arrives in her face with a big package bulging from briefs

Made Me Feel: Thankful to have a great group of girls who would drop what-ever they’re doing at a drop of a hat if I needed help.

You will like this film, if you liked: Sex and the City (the TV series) or have Estrogen running through your blood stream.

Verdict: While SATC may not be an Oscar caliber film, between gut wrenching silence, hilarious mishaps, and glorious clothing, it cements its place on the very top tier of the cupcake tree of our hearts.

Go See This Film With: Three lady friends who are willing to dress up as SATC’s leading ladies – 4 inch heels and top hats are a must.