She Does The City’s #TasteLife Summer Inspirations

Summer is finally here and we can’t wait to make the most of it! Forget sleeping in and taking it easy, this is going to be the summer of seizing opportunities and going after our dreams! We’re looking to create magical moments with our pals, sipping chilled wine on steaming patios, staying up too late, and laughing way too hard.

To do summer right, we’re getting a little help from [yellow tail]! Have you heard about their #TasteLife contest? It’s AMAZING! Each week, [yellow tail] is posting an inspiration on Instagram (we even get to curate two of them…so FUN!). Followers are then asked to post pics and share them using the #TasteLife hashtag, and by tagging @YellowTailCanada. Prizes will be awarded on a weekly basis, and they’re incredible! We’re talkin’ personal chefs, covetable concert tix, and Air Canada gift cards! Aaaaaand, it gets even better! One lucky winner will score a #TasteLife Adventure valued at $10,000, OMG!

Taking a cue from [yellow tail], we’ve come up with some additional inspirations to ensure that we have the best summer of our lives!

1.    Be a tourist in your own city. Leave the iPhone at home and wander around. Treat yourself to a nice lunch (have a glass of wine too!), discover an adorable side street you’ve never taken and lose yourself in the moment. (Don’t even think about bringing a watch)

2.   Take a class you’ve been dreaming about, something that has nothing to do with upgrading your skills, something for your soul. Is it jewelry making? Stand up comedy? We’ve JUST begun taking ballet classes after a life-long love for the craft. It doesn’t matter if we screw up and fall, or land the perfect pirouette, just doing it is the BEST FEELING EVER.

3.   Keep learning. Have you been dreaming about starting your own side business or taking a night class? Go for it, girl! Write a business plan, or enroll in a college course before you have a chance to talk yourself out of it. You won’t be sorry.

4.   Grab your best pals and go on a spontaneous trip! If you’ve got a bit of cash saved up – rent a Winnebago, make a killer playlist, and off you go! Or, if the purse strings are feelin’ a little tight, book a rustic little cottage just out of the city (we LOVE Stratford and Huntsville) for a weekend of antiquing and small-town french fry shacks.

5.    Visit a farmers market and prepare an ENTIRE meal using beautiful, locally grown goodies…from scratch. Then invite your pals over for a scrumptious dinner party, or make it a picnic in the park! Who’s the hostess with the mostest? YOU!

We can’t wait to see how you’re tasting life this summer! Post your pics to Instagram using the hashtag #TasteLife and tag @YellowTailCanada for your chance to score INCREDIBLE prizes!

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