Sign the petition telling Harper not to re-open the debate on a woman's right to choose today

Today, Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth is putting forward a motion in the House of Commons that will re-open the debate on reproductive rights in Canada. The motion will debate whether or not the government should establish a committee to redefine the point at which life actually begins, and Woodworth told Radio-Canada that he hopes this re-examination will inspire discussions about abortion. Stephen Harper has said he would not re-open the debate on a woman’s right to choose, but this motion is a step in that direction.

Urging people to sign this petition asking the government not to re-open the debate, Senator Lucie Pepin, a former nurse, discusses the dangerous conditions encouraged when abortions are illegal. She recalls her participation in the fight to legalize a woman’s right to choose in Canada. Don’t let Stephen Harper take that right away.

Regardless of your political associations, regardless of how you feel about abortion, it has long been a woman’s right, as a citizen of Canada, to decide what she does with her body. Sign this petition, put forward by the Liberals, now.

~ Haley Cullingham, photo courtesy of Section15.ca

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