Stick to your New Year’s resolutions with these helpful sites and resources. Take yoga, infuse vodka, join a book club and more!

We make them every year, but who actually follows through?  New Year’s resolutions are a great way to jump start the year and identify areas you want to improve.  Below are a few tools to help you with your goals, and get your year off to a good start. 

If you’re trying to eliminate some of the stress in your life, consider taking a yoga class.  A great place to start is Yoga for the People.  A donation-based yoga studio, Yoga for the People offers a number of traditional and non-traditional classes.  Try the One Love classes, which integrate reggae music and yoga for a unique experience.

Get crafty this year with home-infused vodka.  It’s super easy to do and makes a big impression.  All you need is a jar, vodka, fruit or spices, and voila!  Add soda for an instant, low-calorie cocktail.  A great alternative to the vodka sodas we’re all sipping to lose those holiday pounds. 

Meatless Monday is sweeping the continent as a simple way to effectively lower meat intake, without giving it up altogether.  A carnivore-friendly alternative to vegetarianism, Meatless Monday participants only avoid meat on Mondays.  Check out local vegan site, The Vegan Project, for tips, recipes, and vegan resources in Vancouver.  

Itching to get more edumucated? The Vancouver Public Library offers a number of books clubs mediated by their librarians.  It takes the work out of hosting a book club, and the discussions are likely to be top notch with the assistance of a pro librarian.  If you’re feeling ambitious and want to start your own, there are seminars to help you get started on the right path.

One of the most valuable gifts you can give your community is time.  Super cheesy, but super true.  If someone hasn’t already sold you on volunteering, here are a few reasons: it looks good on your resume; it’s fulfilling; it makes you feel good; and it’s a direct way to impact your community.  If you’re having trouble finding opportunities, start with Charity Village.  Charity Village compiles a number of volunteer and job placements in the non-profit sector, so you can find a position to suit your strengths and passions. 

~ Meghan Roberts 

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