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Pass on the Real Talk: Tell us how you Unfortunately Do The City, and you could win Unfortunately Greeting Cards!

Our friends over at Unfortunately cards make some of the funniest, sassiest cards in the city. Their cards are meticulously handcrafted and painfully honest, saying what could never come out of your mouth but really needs to be said. Friend just came out? Congratulate them on finally realizing what everyone else knew all along. Someone’s… Read More »


By Annie Webber How?  When?  With whom?  Wherein?  Wherefore?  All your pressing questions about the ups and downs of card-making answered!  The golden rule in any card-making endeavour is to always have the recipient in mind.  Think about what they love, why you love them, your favourite experience with them, who might open the letter… Read More »

Vancouver's Beautiful Project makes pretty cards for assholes

“Hooray for me and fuck you.” Who doesn’t love a card that says that? Especially when designed in such a pretty unoffensive way. Stumbling upon The Beautiful Project cards at The Dandelion Emporium brought on a quiet giggle that brightened up a shitty rainy day in Van. We couldn’t decide which card we liked more… Read More »