In the wee hours of the early morn, Natasha Hunt tests out the new Intel Ultrabook from the philosophy section at a Halifax library

Natasha Hunt is many things: A philosophy student, aspiring journalist, fashion stylist and part-time Haligonian. She crams a lot into her day and of anyone we know, we thought her mix of expertise and interests would provide an interesting testing ground for the new Intel Ultrabook. A little exhausted from final exams and wayward air… Read More »

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Montreal freelance writer Lindsay Tapscott tests out the new Intel Ultrabook. It's official: her other computer is a piece of crap.

WE ARE SENDING COMPUTERS ALL OVER THIS VAST COUNTRY!! Last week, Shedoesthecity writer Micki Cole of Vancouver gave her shoulders a break with the new Intel Ultrabook. This week, Lindsay Tapscott shows off the Intel Ultrabook in Montreal cafes from Westmount to Mile End. Here’s what she has to say about this sexy new technology.… Read More »

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