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In Defence Of Being A “Picky” Dater

I’m very happy being single. And I’m not even going to follow that up with a “But no, really! WINK WINK I am!” like I’m trying to sell you a car. (Even though, really! I am! But please don’t take my car, I only have one and I like it a lot.) My life is… Read More »

OKCupid and Me: Online Dating While Polyamorous

Dating a lot kind of comes with the turf when you’re poly. At least, for me it does. Putting yourself out there like that just ends up involving a lot of date attempts —some are great and go on for hours, the chemistry is there and you end up making out furiously in an alley.… Read More »

How OkCupid has doomed my love life

Andrew is tall, dark and handsome. His scruffy beard reminds me of a burly lumberjack and makes me weak at the knees. He likes Settlers of Catan, riding bikes and psych rock. Andrew is the perfect man. There’s just one problem – we’ve never met. All of the above I learn from viewing his profile… Read More »