Snuggle Up Till Spring in a Cozy Hoodie-Footie!

Ever looked longingly at the perfect coziness enjoyed by 2-year olds in their footie pajamas? Hoodie-Footie makes the covetable toddler togs in adult sizes, allowing grown women and men to swaddle themselves in snuggly comfort too. Hoodie-Footie even improves upon the footie pajama model, tacking on a hood so that your head won’t be left… Read More »

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New brand launch: bamjamz

by Zoe Shapiro Though I aspire to be a diligent and committed laundry folder and organizer, the time has come to admit that if it doesn’t belong on a hanger, I’d rather just be doing something else. I have gazed in wonder at the regimented pj/workout clothes/ post-work lounge gear/ sections so neatly separated in… Read More »

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