Motoretta 10 year bash brings out Toronto's best dressed and NYC's PR Maven, Kelly Cutrone

Prior to the sky ripping open on Wednesday evening and completely ruining any plan for a patio drink, the team at Rock-it Promotions executed a perfect early evening celebration for Toronto’s favourite scooter and apparel boutique, Motoretta. Located in the heart of Little Italy, Motoretta celebrated its 10th anniversary with a redesign and bash. The it… Read More »

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7 Badass Leather Jackets we are Lusting After

Yeah yeah, it’s about sunshine, budding tulips and chirping chickadees but Spring is also about busting out a badass leather jacket and feeling all “FUCK YEAH! It’s time.” So, to prep for the onset of this leather weather season, we bring you seven of the sexiest mother effing leather jackets this dear season has to… Read More »

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