ATTN Men: The “Casual” in Casual Sex Does NOT Apply to Safety

In the seven or so years that I’ve been engaging in casual sexual relationships, I’ve learned that they are always the former and very rarely the latter. Striking that delicate balance wherein both partners commit—or, more appropriately, don’t commit—to the same degree is the Halley’s comet of sexuality. Coupled with the pervading desire to not discuss just… Read More »

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What My STI Taught Me About My Sexuality

Picture this: you just got your heart broken by the man of your dreams and as a result you’ve been too upset to play the field. Finally, after a huge dry spell filled with bouts of dejection, along comes a lovely man as intelligent as he is sexy. You date and have great sex for… Read More »

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My First HIV Test

It was an episode of “Beverly Hills 90210” that convinced me I was HIV positive. You know, the episode starring the older brother from Blossom, who plays a dude dying from AIDS, at the hospice where Kelly volunteers. I’m not sure why I took the episode so personally, but something about it triggered something in… Read More »

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